Delhi Gangrape 5 accused charged including murder


Almost a month back on Dec 24 th 2012 a brutal gangrape was happened in Delhi and became an viral news across the country. Students from all over India protested for a continuous month and in some cases the revolution reached peaks at Delhi Parliament area when PM himself gave a statement on enquiry and immediate action against the accused gang.

After a month long interrogations finally Delhi Court revealed all the sections which were attached with all the 5 accused ones in the gangrape. All the five accused were charged with

1. Murder

2. Destruction of Evidence

3. Criminal Conspiracy

4. Gangrape

5. Unnatural Sex

6. Common Intent

7. Dacoity


As per the Delhi Court the trial will begin on February 5th i.e Tuesday. This news made all the protestors who stood by the family in getting the justice and finally it was revealed. But the only news thats not making the victim family happy is the 6th accused is not getting the charges as he is minor, so he will be tried according to Juvenile Justice Laws.

Delhi Gangrape 5 accused were charged under following Sections:

1. Section 376 – Gangrape

2. Section 377 – Unnatural Sex

3. Section 307 – Attempt to murder

4. Section 395 – Punishment for dacoity

5. Section 396 – Dacoity and Murder

6. Section 365 – Kidnapping, abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine person

7. Section 120B – Criminal Conspiracy

8. Section 302 – Murder

9. Section 201 – Destruction of evidence


And other charges were also added to the above sections list on Gangrape accused ones.