How to file Income Tax Return Online


Online Income Tax Return Form Filling:

Don’t get confused in filling Income Tax Return form, if you can read the below steps of Income Tax Return form Filling you will think quiet easy. Well IT Return form filling last date of submission is 31st July 2013 and everyone wants to submit Income Tax Return Online Form at the earliest but got confused with the process. We from our website will provide you the exact information need by you to fill the Income Tax Return Form and will also provide information on how fill Tax Return Filling and Online Return Filling Forms.

Everyone who wants to file Income Tax Return can do it from the official website once you fill the form by following the below steps one by one and submit the form, that’s it done.

Steps to follow for filling Income Tax Return:

  1. Open any browser and enter this URL for E-filing of Income Tax online. Now register using your PAN (permanent account number) and your user id is nothing but your PAN Number and use strong password for online security reasons.
  2. Click on Download ITR which you can see on header, Now you can Download ITR 1 form or ITR 4S form of your choice and files get downloaded in excel format.
  3. Once you download excel format files, just open them. You have fill the form -16 with the help of given instructions. Who are having good knowledge of using internet they can find e-filling easy and can file ITR bit faster.
  4. Click on the tab “Calculate Tax” then you will be able to know all the Income Tax details. Check twice the complete details
  5. For submitting form click on the “Validate” button, then an excel file will be automatically saved in your system.
  6. After that go through the “Upload return” section available at left side. Upload your excel files there.
  7. System will ask for the digital signature. You have to Click on Yes button or No button.
  8. Once you submit then a message will be flashed on your screen, which will give you information about the submission of your form. There an ITR-V form will be generate. You can download that form and it will also be sent to your email-id.
  9. Make the print out of ITR-V. (Income Tax Return – Verification Form)
  10. You have to Sign with the blue ink or blue ball point pen on the form and send it to the official address within 120 days.
  11. Within 15 days The Income Tax Department will send an acknowledgement form.

If you follow the above steps, you will never get a single error as myself experienced the steps and put it above for you guys. So file your Income Tax Return Online without confusion anymore.