i hate balayya website


i hate balayya websiteThe only actor who kept himself always dedicated and more like an new artist in tollywood is non-other than Balayya, yes its true and he never utilized his stardom in any kind of shades. He always far from Media and reporters. But still something is going wrong on him, this time not a human its Technology which is seriously bothering Balayya.

i hate balayya website

Everyone might think what it is? Yes it is Web World which is making fun of his personal life and effecting his fame completely. Actor Nandamuri Balakrishna has lodged a complaint with the Central Crime Station (CCS) police alleging that he was being defamed publicly on a website which was developed years back and the website is so called – IHATEBALAYYA www.ihatebalayya.com

Film sources and balayya close friends and fans revealed yesterday that the actor approached (DCP), of Central Crime Station, and given a written complaint to Satyanarayana about 10 days ago. Police immediate lodged the complaint against i hate balayya website

Balayya was always an easy go actor, but this time he took it very serious as the content on the website exclusively dedicated to the Balayya and his morphed photographs insulting Balakrishna and his nephew NTR. The website also contains several jokes humiliating them.

i hate balayya website

During the investigation, police found out that ‘godaddy.com’ a US-based firm has been hosting ‘ihatebalayya.com’ website and the server of the i hate balayya website has been traced to Sydney in Australia.

Yesterday itself i hate balayya website was down and unavailable to Public. Now cyber police might take an action or will send a serious warning to the Webmaster of I Hate Balayya website.

After this incident Andhra Pradesh Balayya fans said if this continues again they will launch 1000 websites like i hate balayya website on those who are supporting this website.