Pawan Kalyan Russian Wife Fake News


One more fake news from Pawan Kalyan Anti fans across the world – just two days back someone uploaded the below morphed pic where Pawan Kalyan and other foreign girl hugging together. In the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter lots of shares and likes are hitting by anti fans of pawan kalyan, this useless stuff made true Pawan Kalyan fans angry and immediately the originality of the below fake pic was out and the true colors of Pawan Kalyan anti fans came out.

pawan kalyan russian wife fake news

Some baseless news about pawan kalyan regarding his personal life getting highlighted but yellow media channels and websites since the beginning of his career and once again this pic gave all the monkeys share. Any how Pawan Kalyan is the most valuable and true gentleman in Indian Cinema currently, he is the only actor or star who had a true fan base, no comparisons at all with other top actors in India. So this kind of gossips and rumors will be like passing clouds as said by Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh movie.

The below photo, image, pic shows Pawan Kalyan image morphed and attached with spanish else russian girl.