racha movie review


Racha movie review is updated. Ram Charan after the disaster Orange, took a very long time to come with another movie. In between he started Merupu with Dharani, but that didn’t materialize because of heavy budget and after some time he has moved on to the next project “Racha” directed by Sampath Nandi who has made his debut with the movie “Yemaindi Ee Vela”. The movie is releasing all over today and let’s go into Racha movie review and see whether Ram Charan scored a hit or not.

racha movie review

Racha movie review


There is a village named Rayadurga and Ram Charan and Tamannah parents are friends. Theyy both decides to give 3000 acres of land to village people, for their good. But Mukesh Rishi who wants to steal that land for his own purposes, starts building illegal constructions in that land and knowing this Ram Charan father goes to them to fight him, but is killed by him and the same happens to Tamannah’a dad.

Now there is a will, that Tamannah will have the land under her authorization until she is 18 and after 18 years, she won;t have any authorization on that land. So the Mukesh Rishi who killed their parents plans to kill her after she is 18 and become the sole owners for that land. Tamannah will come to know about this plan from her lawyer in her 18th year. She then decided to go away with some one and she selects Ram Charan. Both of them will fall in love and starts the routine action goons chasing them and he kills them all in the same village in the end.


Ram Charan who is suffering from flops should have tried to do more good movie and start behaving like a newcomer rather than a big star. He didn’t just did acted but he over acted in Racha movie. He has imitated Chiranjeevi to the fullest rather using his own skills in Racha movie. After getting such a big flop, he must show real care about selecting good movies not like Racha movie trying to target mass audience. He might be the son of big celebrity in industry but he is still a newcomer. Besides this he has done very well in the dances in Racha movie and some mass scenes. He is good in the climax scenes. If he wants his glory back he should be very careful from the next time.

Tamannah did her routine, but has extended her skin show levels to maximum in Racha movie. She has been shown like never before as did in Racha movie. Also she did a great job in acting.

Bramhanandam, Ali and Krishna Bhagwan tried to bring some laughs in Racha movie but have failed miserably. Mukesh Rishi is okay for his part. Rest of the cast is okay.

Mani Sharma looks like lost this glory since Thaman walked away from his team. He is not upto the mark and is failed to give good audio to Racha movie which is a minus for Racha. He tried to give the audio a mass touch but didn’t worked out as planned. Hopefully he will try to do good from next time in his upcoming projects.

Sampath Nandi who made a movie like Yemaindi Ee Vela shouldn’t have tired this type of concept in Racha movie. He has to try so much harder to get himself established in the industry. Doing a movie with a big celebrity doesn’t fetch him much appreciated image, but rather also can damage the image of the star too. He should try more to deal with the mass, not by just keeping so many fights and trying some useless punch dialogues. But to blend the mass in the movie and not by making it a separate track. His story selection is not good for Racha movie. He has dragged the entire movie until the climax. There is fight after every 10 minutes. The twits and story of Racha movie is so predictable. There is no comedy track or sentiment. He just concentrated on the mass, he forgot to add the other spices in the movie. He really should try very hard, if he wants to make his name in the director’s list in Tollywood.

Racha movie review

Highlights of Racha movie review:

Ram Charan Dance movies

Climax fight

Lead actors performances

Drawbacks of Racha movie review:

Ram Charan overdose imitation of Chiranjeevi



Predictable routine story

Dragging direction


Conclusion: The Racha movie is made on the sole purpose of entertaining mass audience with many fights and punch dialogues. Mass fans might like it. Can watch for Ram Charan dance. Over all Racha movie review can be given 3 out of 5.