who is tollywood no 1 hero


In 50’s and 60’s a movie is something which is made with passion to make good movies and act in good movies and to give audience 3 hours of good time. Those were the times where movies were graded based on the story and performances of the artists. Every movie is made with perfect bound script. Every movie has a story to tell. At that time, every hero have acted in atleast 10 to 15 movies per year and every movie is different from what the have acted earlier. The dedication to make a good movie was at high at that times.

But as the times are changed, the values are altered and the word passion got different meaning, which is to earn as much as money despite of what films they are doing. Competition has replaced passion. Well, competition was there at those times too, but that was different from what we have today. They used to have a healthy competition and that competition has resulted in many good movies. But now the competition is about how much money they are making, how much money does other hero/heroine gets and that all about it.

Well, I’m not trying to say that every one in the industry just make movies or do movies just for money, but it’s sad to say that we can’t say every one in the industry make movies for passion. All we can use is some of them. NTR, ANR, SVR, Krishna and many more legends were there at those times who made some really good movies, ever green and classic movies in those times. Well, at that time there is one thing which in today’s generation heroes doesn’t have. The friendly atmosphere between and the thought of making multi starrer movies. In 60’s and 70’s multi starrer movies were made a lot and all the actors who have acted in those mutli-starrer movies have played their despite of thinking how much duration does they have in the movie or is he shown the most than the other hero or heroine. All they concentrated on was about the story.

But today, we can hardly find multi-starrer movies and the only problem today in making multi-starrer movies is that no hero wants his character to be less than the other. They don;t care about the story of the intensity all they want is that they should have more reel in the movie and they should be in higher position than the other. This kind of thinking and the atmosphere has already killed the spirit of making good movies in the industry.
Well, back in those time we can see a new fresh story every time, but today every film or any scene or action sequence will remind us of some other Hollywood movies and it is for sure. What is it? Can’t we make own good movies? Doesn’t we have the talent to go to heights in creativity? No, we have everything, instead of having everything, why are we failing? The answer is simple, money. Every one is concentrating on making good money rather than making good movies.

This is one side of the coin, on the other side, the lead actors. At the time of NTR, every artist in the industry has a potential to become a great lead actor. But today we can hardly find a good actor who can become the Tollywood No.1 hero. Every hero wants to get the 1st position in the race but everyone fails at some point or other which is making them still next to the superstar. Earlier, actors were taken based on their skills and talent but these days actors are selected based on from which family they came. Now-a-days it’s not film industry but it’s family industry. If you have big background and one of your family member is a hero then it is a free pass for your movie entry without any tests and you will be doing a big movie under big banner in the direction of big director and all of this because you have big backup.

This is killing the talent which can be of great use in future. All the time the big daddies are trying to get their sons to the megastar position and to the Tollywood top hero position, inspite of their poor lacking skills. Well, if their daddies were not their where would they stand? In this process, some true talent who can unleash their skills which might help in the growth and success of industry is getting ignored and probably get killed. Even if you have succeeded in getting a chance being an outsider. Maximum 2 movies and that will be the end their career. But if you are successful, still you won’t see any growth because big daddies won’t be happy, as they want their sons or grandsons to be in the success chair.

If we look into the facts let’s check the lead actors list who are right now in the top league. Mahesh Babu came into industry because of Krishna, Pawan Kalyan because of Chiranjeevi’s brother, Ntr came with the influence of his grnadfather Sr.Ntr, Naga Chaitanya because of Nagarjuna and his grandfathers ANR and Ramanaidu, Allu Arjun son of Allu Arvind and nephew of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, Rana because of his uncle Venkatesh and his grandfather Ramanaidu and father Suresh Babu, Ram Charan the only reason of his entry is he is the son of Chiranjeevi, Ram because of his uncle Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, Gopichand who came into industry because of his producer dad, Prabhas because of his uncle Krishnam Raju, Manchu Manoj and Manchu VIshnu son of Mohan Babu, Nara Rohit as his uncle is ex-cm Chandra Babu, Kalyan Ram and Taraka Ratna because of his dad Hari Krishna and many more. But we can’t find people who came by their hardships, although there are heroes who came all by their hard work, Ravi Teja has been industry since a long but has been rose to fame from Idiot, Siddharth Narayana who worked as assistant director to Mani Ratnam and was given a break in Shankar’s Boys and Srikanth who came into industry as villain and later transformed into hero. But isn’t the number of this category very less compared to daddy’s sons.

Why is this discrimination, why can’t the natural talent get recognised? We have no answer because it is the way things happen in industry these days. Well, we cant totally say that these star don;t have talent, they do have it and that is the reason they are still in the industry. Lets take the successful heroes who can make into future.

As earlier there are only four kings in Tollywood, Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh. As they got old, there are only two people who cannot be replaced they are none other than Prince Mahesh Babu and Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Even though they sometime gets flops, they image is not shaken by any other hero. Mahesh Babu has got fame since Murari and the movie which has placed him on the top league is “Okkadu” and “Athadu”. Since then he has never seen back, even though he doesn’t have many hit movies later but still people queue up for his every movie hoping that would be a blockbuster. Another person in the same category is Pawan Kalyan. He has been placed a top league with Kushi, but since then he has totally changed his acting style, as he stick on to his same routine jumping acting which bought him series of flops and also his fingering in direction. Even though people know his movies are no longer worth watching but they still do stand in the line to see their favorite star on big screens. These two cannot be bought down as they have created such an image in industry.

Now going to the rest of the members in the top league of lead actors, Young Tiger Ntr who is next to Mahesh and Pawan. There a few disaster of him but still he got his mas image in people that won’t get fade away. He has made oms electrifying movies like Aadi, Simhadri, Yama Donga also had worst movies too. But he will still the same image. He is next superstar after Mahesh and Pawan. Next comes the hard working actor who has made it from a character artist to the top league of the lead actors, he is none other than Mass Raja Ravi Teja. Ravi Teja who has no background, came up with small character roles and has struggled his way hard to get into this position in which he is now. Puri Jagannadh has given him a big break which made him recognised by Tollywood and since then he never looked back and now he is one of the top actors and he is eligible to become the Tollywood no.1 hero. Next comes Stylish Star Allu Arjun who has created an image with his dance moves and stylish appearance. Even though he as equal number of hit and flops he is still a lot far from the no.1 position but is definitely in top league.

Gopichand whose first movie was a disaster has made a comeback in the negative lead and he got his success in those role. Later with Yagnam movie he made re entry as hero and he was successful. He is one of the few people who became a hero after they was famous as villains like Srihari, Srikanth. He comes silently and get a hit and go. Even though he doesn’t have a huge blockbuster , his success rate is good and he is one of the top league actors. Ram Charan who came with the image of his dad has made a decent entry with Chirutha but that movie doesn’t bought his that much fame. Later Rajamouli’s Magadheera has got him huge fame but all that fame was because of Rajamouli to be honest. Anyway with that confidence he made Orange which turned out be a big disaster and has threw him back in the race. But because of his father he is still surviving the race. Let’s see how can he come back. Next come Naga Chaitanya, who has an average debut entry but got a hit with Ye Maya Chesave. He has been in a hit spree since then and his next movie is about to release soon and if this movie is a success he will stabilize his place in the top league.

Rana who has made his entry with Leader has scored good points and also entry into Bollywood. Though his movies weren’t upto the expectation he has earned some good points which made him placed in the top league ofcourse he too got his family background which made helped him to some extent to stand in the top league. Next comes Ram who made his debut with Devadas has got but has got fame with Jagadam and got his first blockbuster with Ready. From there he got some average grossers and flops too. But still he managed to keep his position safe. Next comes from the Rebel family young Rebel star Prabhas who made his entry with Eeshwar but managed to get a hit with Varhsam. He got more flops than a hit but has made his place safe in Tollywood top league. Siddharth who made his debut with Boys has got a female fan following since the first movie. He got his first blockbuster with Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. Even though some of his movies are flop but got good marks for the screenplay and story. But he has reached to the top position with his movie Bommarillu which has been a blockbuster.

Well for now these are the stars who are eligible to get the Tollywood No.1 Position. But among them Who is Tollywood next megastar? Who is Tollywood no.1 hero? Who will be the highest paid actor in tollywood? Well, we have to wait and see for the answer.